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What is a Headband Wig: Steps and Tips


What is a Headband Wig: Steps and Tips

Need a quick hairstyle to immediately transform your look? Try a Headband Wig! Headbands wigs, just as the name implies, are wigs with a headband attached, and the hair extensions are sewn on a soft wig cap.

Headband wigs are friendly for wig beginners, no hair glue or lace. You can throw it on your head and go about your day in seconds. Convenient to put on and remove, headband wig caps are constructed with three combs, one in the right, one in the left, and one in the back to for security to prevent it from sliding off. Interested in wearing one? It's only a two-step process. We got installation tips below for reference.

Step 1: Brush Hair Back and Lay Baby Hairs

Brush all of your natural hair back in a low bun, leaving loose baby hairs. Use a small brush smooth and lay baby hairs. This will make it look more natural.

Step 2: Put on Wig. Use Velcro to Tighten

Put the headband wig on directly on your head, secure the bands and use Velcro to tighten the wig. Also, it's important to make sure the bottom comb is attached. Position and style as desired. 

Headband Wigs VS Regular Wigs: What's the Difference

A human hair wig is an essential thing in your daily life, here are some differences between headband wigs and regular lace wigs.

1. Installation

A headband is easy to put on, just throw it on your head to secure the bands behind your ears and go in seconds. Again, no glue no lace. It’s also easy to adjust, just use Velcro. A regular lace wig needs glue and has to be skillfully cut and plucked. And when you want to adjust it, you will need to take it off,  brush your hairline again and use glue to adjust. Regular lace wigs are considered to be more complicated than Headband Wigs. Headband Wigs are also friendly to wig beginners.

2. Hairline

A headband wig allows you to show your hairline. A regular wig has three hairlines to choose from, Pre-plucked hairline, Natural hairline, and Widow’s peak. Regular wigs give you more options for the hairline. Headband wigs allow your scalp to breathe and give you a natural look for your hairline.

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