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Highlight Wigs: Something You Need to Know


Highlight Wigs: Something You Need to Know

Are you ready for a hairstyle upgrade? Enhance your look with Highlight Wigs. Highlight Wigs (and bundles) have played an integral role in the hair extension industry, and has been a life safer to women who frequently switch up their hairstyles and appearance. For many black women, honey blonde and red Highlight Wigs are the most popular go-to options. To help you learn more about Highlight Wigs, we have prepared some simple how-to tips below. 

What is a Highlight Wig?

First... What is a Highlight Wig? Highlight Wigs features pieces of hair that are lighter than your natural color. Highlighting is a partial hair coloring technique, which can make several strands of light-colored hair adorn the dark shade and create an overall look by alternating light and shadow. There is no doubt that this is one of the most popular hair trends of Fall 2021.

Highlight Wigs are well received by women just for the application of the highlighting technique. For those who have grown tired of sporting a single hair color, a Highlight Wig is a great option and can help you refresh and update your hair color, as well as add depth and texture to your hairstyle. 

How to Add Highlights?

Highlights are applied with an applicator brush and folded with foils to protect the hair. There are various DIY kits and products that can help you highlight your hair yourself in the comfort of your home. However, we suggest that you find a professional hairstylist to accomplish the job in the salon. 

How to Maintain a Highlight Wig?

As we all know, highlighted hair is easy to get dry and brittle, so using the right conditioner and shampoo is key. For example, non-oily maintenance liquid spray can effectively help highlighted wigs stay away from static electricity and regain their original appearance. Also, although highlight wigs are easy to maintain, do not use hot water to wash them, as it will damage the hair. Therefore, it is better to use warm water to wash every week, once or twice.

Looking For Wigs to Highlight?

She's Happy Hair high-quality human hair wigs are dye friendly, free of shedding and tangles. Choose from 12” to 24” inches for desired length and volume. Body Wave Wigs and Straight Wigs available in store and online. 

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