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10 Major Autumn Hair Trends


10 Major Autumn Hair Trends

Every time of year has its own perks, and the current season has delivered exciting fall 2021 hair trends. As the leaves start falling, follow the desire to change your look and welcome the cooler days with trending fall hair styles for 2021.

In this article, see 10 fascinating ways to style your hair – experiment with trendy hair jewelry, rock a fresh version of the bob cut, or shock everyone with a feisty red shade.

1. Red Fall hair Colors

Go into this fall wearing a autumn red hair color, or get in the mood with burnt copper and rose-gold. The latter is the most romantic tone amongst all fall hair color, hands down.


2. Ombre Fall Colors

In 2021, the biggest trend in ombre is getting it fully blended with little babylights and brighter show stopping pieces. 


3. Fall Bob Hairstyles

Short hairstyles has been trending for a long while now, and this fall is no different. You can try a traditional bob that goes down to your chin or get a blunt cut hair bob for an edgy look and you will feel like you've walked straight off the runway. 


4. Soft Ribbons

A ribbon/scarf is a perfect way to turn your everyday hairstyle into something cute, playful and special. Choose a fall color accessory and pair it with a matching outfit for a cozy autumn vibe.


5. Low Ponytails

Minimalistic hairstyles is key to a flawless simple look. If you’ve got longer straight hair, a sleek low pony should be your must-have for this fall. 

6. Bubble Ponytails

As for the most fashionable fall hairstyles, how about a long bubble ponytail? Add some loops and twists into the mix to jump on this popular trend. 

7. Embellished Headbands

Don’t worry about overdoing it with headbands, sometimes being over the top is just what the doctor ordered! Crown her, please!!!

8. Baby Braids Trend

A trending Instagram hairstyle, you see this hairstyle among Instagram models and even musical artists. Loose baby braids framing your face are going to be your next favorite accessory.

9. Protective Braided Hairstyles 

Let your hair rest after being under the sun for three months straight with a sleek braided-back protective hairstyle. 

10. Bangs 

Hop on the bangs trend without worrying if it’s still in style or not with messy, celebrity-style curtain bangs.

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