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Top Wig Trends for 2021

As black women seek new ways to safely style their hair, wigs are becoming the number one go-to choice. Read on as we break down our top five 2021wig trends and styles.

Ginger Wigs

Rich color combos in various shades of warm, reddish tones will continue to dominate in 2021. It’s an opportunity to try a look that’s lighter and brighter, without committing to the upkeep of going blonde. This look can be toned to perfectly suit your natural undertones, while still feeling new and fresh. Ask your stylist to use shades of copper, strawberry blonde, or auburn to create a look that’s one of a kind. 

Natural-Looking Hair Extensions


Natural hair is some of the most beautiful inspiration there is. We’ve continued to go back to our roots, and thankfully aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. She's Happy Hair Kinky Collection mimics your natural texture after a fresh blow out, and can be styled in so many ways. The secret? Less styling product is truly more! To get the look: Start with your favorite heat protectant, and detangle thoroughly. Blow dry and gently stretch your hair, then blend your leave-out. 

Bronde Highlights

The colors in this highlighted look are serving the perfect “bronde” balance – that’s blonde + brown if you aren’t familiar with the term. This custom color can be accomplished using a combination of highlights and lowlights throughout. The pops of color make this look fun, while the versatility in the brown and blonde tones means you can rock it during any season. To get the look, ask your stylist to leave a bit of a blended dark root, and bring the highlights higher and brighter around the hairline to frame your face.

Body Waves

The Body Wave is one of the most versatile textures there is, and that’s just a fact. It’s super low maintenance, which makes it the perfect style for 2021. Wear it naturally wavy for an easy-going, subtle way to turn up the texture. Get the look: DIYing it at home? Put six-eight loose braids in your wig, then let them set overnight. When your alarm clock goes off the next morning, simply undo the braids, rake your fingers through and go!

Deep Curls

Pick up some Malaysian Curly bundles to get the free-flowing vibes that curly bundles bring – super necessary after the stress of 2020. Plus, they’re also timeless and can last forever – and a carefree style is much-needed during uncertain times. To get the look, be sure to keep your favorite detangler and wide-tooth comb on deck, and twist or pineapple your hair at night. As long as you keep the natural curls tangle-free and moisturized, you’re all set for this style. 

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