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The Best Springtime Hair Tips


The Best Springtime Hair Tips

Spring is here... and just like your wardrobe, your strands are due for a seasonal change. Read on for five tips to seamlessly transition your hair care routine from winter to spring.

Trim Your Ends

The winter season's dry air can a toll on your hair, so trimming off the dead ends is the first step to freshening up for spring. This simple trim will make you hair look and feel healthy and at its best. For faster hair growth, try She's Happy Hair Tea Tree Oil. It also stops breakage and strengthens hair follicles.

Swap Shampoos and Conditioner

If you've been using a moisturizing shampoo and/or conditioner, consider switching to a different formula. While the moisturizing shampoo and conditioner is great for wintertime, the combination of the humid spring air and hydrating products may put too much moisture in your hair... which ups the potential for frizz. Ask your hair stylist for recommendations.

Lighten Your Hair

The days are sunnier, so your hair color should be too! If you typically get highlights in your natural hair, hair extensions or wigs, ask your colorist for a technique called balayage: It involves painting the color onto individual strands in a random pattern, rather than the methodical placement of traditional foil highlights. It works for all hair colors; just keep the lighter pieces no more than one to two shades lighter than the base. The goal is to create a subtle sun-kissed look, not a drastic contrast. This technique may require professional application.

Beat Frizz with Serums

Combat the inevitable spring frizz with an anti-frizz serum. Apply on damp strands before blow-drying to help seal and smooth the hair cuticle. For best results, use only from mid-shaft to ends to prevent greasy-looking roots. One to try: She's Happy Hair Moroccan Shine Argan Serum.

Ditch the Humidity

Never used an anti-humidity spray? It's a game-changer during muggy months. Mist the spray on dry hair post-styling, aiming toward the roots. You can even stash it in your purse and use as a mid- or end-of-day touch-up. Just don't overdue it, as too much can leave a residue. 

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