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Are Tape in Extensions Safe for African American Hair?


Are Tape in Extensions Safe for African American Hair?

Let’s say bye-bye to your old clip-ins and say hi to the new innovated and popular tape-in extensions. Tape-in extensions are the perfect way to instantly add volume and length to your natural hair and can last eight to 10 weeks depending on maintenance, new growth and quality of extensions. Tape-in extensions are also non-damaging and extremely versatile. The best part… you can even sport a high ponytail without the extensions being visible.

More importantly, unlike clip-ins and wigs that can be uncomfortable to wear, tape-in extensions are relatively painless. They are lightweight and breathable, so they don’t' be pull at your natural strands. We do, however, recommend you get them professionally installed. A heat- heat-free installation process, they are installed by sandwiching together two tapes, with a small section of natural hair in-between. This is then secured with a specially designed tool; again, no heat needed.

Tape-in extensions come in different hair textures and are sold in various hair textures, from Type 1 to Type 4 hair. Curly-haired clients will need to receive a blowout or silk press for the popular luxurious long pressed look so that the natural hair will blend in with the straight extensions. In this case, we recommend that wavy and curly textures to be mindful that as your new growth comes in your natural texture will be exposed. For long-lasting results, purchasing a hair type that matches your natural hair will work best.

Tape-in hair extensions allows you to wash your hair regularly with water without causing any damage.  It is vital to keep the adhesive strip clear of moisture and dirt. Once your hair starts to become oily or dirty, wash it immediately to ensure the lasting of the extension. We recommend using an alcohol-free shampoo that has natural ingredients.

Are tape in extensions safe for African American hair?

Typically tape-ins are recommended when blending in with straight or fine hair type, as tape-ins maintain better when afro hair is relaxed or texturized - and this is not a viable option for everyone. For Black women wanting a more voluminous, natural look, clip-ins or versatile sew-in rows are suggested as they do not cause any damage. If getting tape-ins, make sure to keep them maintained professionally to minimize damage to natural hair, and always get them removed using a 99% alcohol-based solution.

Tape-in extensions are also not recommended for people with dry scalp. Tape-in adhesive strips are extremely sensitive to moisture, so oiling your scalp is a big no no. Once the tape-ins are installed my top tips would be detangling the hair daily, avoid excess oily products and it's crucial you wrap your hair each night to prevent knotting. For people who suffer from a dehydrated scalp, tape-in extensions are not the healthiest hairstyle to get due to lack of moisture. In addition, a dry scalp can lead to hair breakage.

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