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The Best of Tape-In Hair Extensions: Everything You Need to Know


The Best of Tape-In Hair Extensions: Everything You Need to Know

Do you want to achieve fuller hair that looks natural? With tape-in hair extensions, you can add extra length, thickness and volume to your hair within a few minutes. Tape-in hair extensions have pre-taped wefts that are composed of adhesive. And just like other types of hair extensions, they are usually one inch wide and are made from 100% human hair.

Tape-in hair extensions have also quickly become the most preferred and top choice for many across the world. But what is so great about them? See eight reasons why they are so popular and why the world of hair extensions is going crazy about them.

Natural Appearance
Tape-in hair extensions can add style and volume to your hair with natural and discreet results. And it’s virtually undetected because hair extensions are collected from a human donor, so it blends naturally. It can also provide extremely natural results for people with thin hair because the tape lies flat to the scalp. By choosing the ape-in extension that’s right for your hair texture and color, you can enjoy fuller hair without anyone noticing that you’re wearing hair extensions.

Easy Attachment
A full head of tape-in hair extensions can be installed in one hour. This is life changing in the world of hair extensions, with more traditional methods taking three to four hours. It’s no wonder tape-in hair extensions have been welcomed by professional hairstylist and clients. Saving time when installing extensions is a huge bonus for hairstylists. The time saving tape technique means stylists can squeeze in more clients and become more profitable, and the client can say goodbye to countless hours sitting in a hair salon.

Less Maintenance
Opposed to traditional methods, tape-in hair extensions require way less maintenance. Depending on how fast your natural hair grows and the TLC you provide, you will only need to visit the salon every four weeks or so after the installation of your hair extensions.

Heat Free Application
Several human hair extension methods require heated appliances to bond extensions to natural hair. Tape-ins are the opposite. They are installed by sandwiching together two tapes, with a small section of natural hair in-between. This is then secured with a specially designed tool; no heat needed.

Awesome Durability
Tape-in hair extensions allows you to wash your hair regularly with water without causing any damage. Tape in hair extensions are extremely durable and it will keep intact even when damped or wet. You can also blow-dry them regularly without worrying that the bonds will melt because they can endure and combat high temperatures. However, it is very critical to consider that certain factors such as how your hair extensions are applied and how they are cared for will significantly affect their durability.

Versatile Hairstyle Options
If you want to try out a new look, tape-in hair extensions can help you switch it up at any given time. You can use various heat styling tools to experiment with your hair extensions: a straightener, curling wand, hair waver, hair crimper and more. As mentioned above, you can also blow-dry your tape-in hair extensions to achieve a soft, silky appearance.

Scalp Comfortability
Many hair extension methods can lead to poor to bad scalp discomfort. For instance, clip-in hair extensions can be rather painful, especially if applied close to the hair roots. This is because the clip puts pressure on your scalp, which can increase the risk of hair loss. On the other hand, the tape-in hair extensions application process is pain-free since they are incredibly lightweight and adhere well to your real hair without putting any pressure on your scalp.

Easy Removal and Re-useable
Out of all hair extension methods, tape-in are the easiest to remove. Removal is done by simply applying a bond remover in-between the tapes, which allows the tapes to glide out naturally – without the need to yank and pull. Once removed, high quality tap-in extensions can be re-used. Of course, the tapes will need to be cleaned, then fresh tape applied ready for a brand new install.

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