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Restoring Your Hair After a Protective Style


Restoring Your Hair After a Protective Style

Caring for your hair while wearing a protective style is essential, but restoring your hair post-protective style, is just as important to assuring that your natural tresses remain strong and healthy. Here are six post-protective style tips to help you keep your hair healthy and on the right path. 

1. Detangle

Hair shedding is natural and inevitable. After you take down your protective style, gently finger through tangles or use a wide-tooth comb to smooth out tangles and knots from your hair. Remember, hair sheds on a frequent basis, so don’t get upset if you’ve got a ball of hair after you’ve finished.

2. Pre-Shampoo

Before you proceed with your normal hair-washing routine, lather your mane with an intensive pre-shampoo treatment. This will give your tresses the ultimate hydration boost and will help strengthen and soften your hair while binding in  maximal moisture throughout the restoration process.

3. Cleanse Scalp

Now it's time for a fresh start. Use She's Happy Hair Ultra Hydrating Shampoo to cleanse your scalp of accumulated product buildup. This will help repair damage and will leave your hair feeling refreshed and moisturized. 

4. Deep Condition

The need to deep condition your tresses is critical, but this is one of the times you’ll need it most. After weeks (or months) of your hair being tucked away, your strands can become weak so a little TLC is required. Restore strength with our our Jojoba, Coconut, and Argan Oil infused She's Happy Hair Conditioner. To better seal the moisture, add heat or steam to your conditioning process.

5. Moisturize 

Although your hair is starting to feel back to normal, use the L.O.C. (liquid, oil, cream) method to further protect your hair’s new glow. After lightly drying your hair post-conditioning, spray your strands with a Leave-In Conditioner, She's Happy Hair Tea Tree Oil or Argan Oil, and your favorite cream-based product. This hair-nourishing method will deeply hydrate, reverse damage and give hair incredible shine.

6. Trim

If necessary, hair growth is a positive result of leaving your hair in a protective style for several weeks/months. You can maintain your healthy strands by going to the hair salon for a quick trim. If you’re more of DIY hairstyler, watch a few YouTube videos before snipping away those pesky split ends yourself.

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