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Revive Your Hair Extensions: Four Easy Steps


Revive Your Hair Extensions: Four Easy Steps

Have your old hair extension bundles gone dry and dull? If they have lost its will to live, we will discuss how you can revive those hair extensions and bring it back to life. Everyone knows that high quality virgin human hair is an investment, so one must do everything within their power to ensure that they are long lasting. Unfortunately, after some time, all virgin hair will be a bit worse for wear, but no worries, we got the hair tips you need to face this dilemma head on!

With proper care and a little TLC, you can revive even the most lifeless hair extensions. Read on for our four-step revival plan.


This may take a little patience and dedication, but with a wide-tooth comb will get rid of those silly, pesky knots. Always start detangling from the ends and slowly work your way up to the roots. When you discover a knot, simply use your fingers to loosen the knot and continue detangling with your comb. And a wide tooth comb vs. a paddle brush will prevent breakage, especially while wet. Once the hair extensions have been properly detangled, you can move on to shampooing.


Roll up the hair extensions in a bundle, with all the wefts together. Put the bundles in a bucket or bowl of warm water with the wefts facing upward. Add detangling shampoo, lather and rub gently into hair. Rinse hair and gently and squeeze out any excess water. We recommend using a shampoo that is sulfate and paraben free.

Deep Conditioning

While deep conditioning is an essential step in any hair routine, it's one of the most critical steps in reviving hair extensions. Saturate the strands with product, then use your wide-tooth comb to evenly distribute the product throughout the hair extensions. Next put hair in a plastic bag and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes. For maximum conditioning, let it sit overnight. Rinse with lukewarm water. Deep conditioning opens your hair cuticles and allows product to deeply penetrate the strands bringing back the softness your hair extensions once had.  For the purpose of revival, we recommend using a hydrating conditioner. This will help the hair extensions stay hydrated and moisturized and will prevent them from drying out. You should use a conditioner that is also sulfate, paraben and alcohol free.


Avoid using any form of heat to dry hair extensions after shampooing. A best practice is to let them air dry. However, if you must blow dry, start with the weft then move to the ends. Because too much heat dries hair extensions and loosens the bond, blow dry on low heat.

Once the hair is shampooed, deep conditioned, and dried, your hair extensions should look and feel revitalized! She’s Happy Hair offer hair care products specifically designed for hair extensions and all hair types. Click here to purchase the She’s Happy Hair Shampoo and Conditioner.

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