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How to Care For Peruvian Hair Extensions


How to Care For Peruvian Hair Extensions

Peruvian hair is one of the most popular and desired human hair extensions on the market. It’s well known for its feather-light, soft and silky texture, providing the most natural look and feel. But just like your own natural tresses, hair extensions require maintenance.  

The key to maintaining its quality and features is routine washing, deep conditioning, heat protectant sprays and much more. In this blog, we will provide tips and techniques on how to care for your She’s Happy Hair Peruvian human hair extensions. 


To avoid breakage and excessive shedding, detangle your Peruvian hair extensions only when damp/wet or drenched in conditioner. When the hair is wet and conditioner is applied, it’s in an ideal state to easily remove tangles. The water and conditioner renders lubrication to the hair, in which makes it effortless to detangle. It’s also best to use a wide tooth comb or paddle brush to remove tangles. Be sure to detangle from the ends up to the base of the weft, another best practice to prevent excessive shedding. 


Wash your Peruvian Hair extensions with a clarifying shampoo. Simply wet your hair extensions with Luke-warm water, gently work the shampoo into the hair with your fingers with light strokes, in a downward motion. Do not rub hair together, as this will cause it to possibly tangle. Rinse hair  thoroughly. Next, apply conditioner.  


Conditioning your hair extensions helps it remain nourished, soft and most importantly… moisturized. You can apply a regular conditioner or deep conditioner – either one will serve the purpose. Apply a generous amount of conditioner or treatment on each bundle from top to bottom, using a wide tooth comb or paddle brush to distribute evenly. Soak and rinse thoroughly. We recommend to leave conditioner in for 30 minutes to 1 hour; this will help seal in the moisture.  

Cold Water 

When rinsing conditioner out each bundle, we suggest running cold water on the hair for the last 10-20 seconds. We know, no one likes cold water, but cold water will close the cuticles of the hair, giving a shiny and more healthier look.   


Avoid blow-drying your Peruvian hair extensions, as you run the risk of heat damage due to high heat exposure. We recommend letting it dry naturally or using hooded hair dryers. 

Heat Protectant Sprays 

If you use heat styling tools such as a straightener or curling iron, apply a heat protectant spray and a medium to low temperature. 


Page BreakWhen sleeping, cover your hair with silk scarf or wrap to keep it from tangling and frizzing while you sleep. This also help your hair extensions remain in its original state. 


Always use a wide-tooth comb or paddle brush for your Peruvian Hair extension to prevent hair breakage and shedding.