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Fall Hair Care for Your Hair Extensions


Fall Hair Care for Your Hair Extensions

During the summer moths, the sun’s heat and exposure is as threatening as it gets. You would think during the brisk, cool fall season that the weather wouldn’t be as threatening, but think again. The cool weather can sometimes be really harsh on your hair. The culprit... lack of humidity. The dryness of the season can make your hair more brittle. Protect your natural hair and hair extensions by adding these easy fall hair care tips to your hair care regimen.

Silk or Satin Linings

For outdoor protection, it is best to wear a hat, headscarf, or hood made with silk or satin linings. They are best to use since they don’t absorb moisture and they don’t allow your hair strands to rub together like other materials such as cotton. By letting your long strands rub together, you are causing friction that leads to frizz, static, and tangles. You should always protect your hair and hair extensions while outdoors.

Conditioners and Hair Oils

Use an instant leave-in conditioner or Argan oil product to fight frizz and help restore moisture during the day. Apply deep conditioning treatments at least once a week to your hair extensions. Use a hair mask, a hot oil treatment, or any one of your favorite deep conditioning treatments, as long as you don’t apply it close to your bonds (slippage will occur if moisturizing products are placed near your beads, bonds, or tape). Before your move appointment, try to nourish your scalp with a scalp treatment if the winter days are drying it out. However, do not do this the day of, as this will stop the hair extensions from adhering to your natural hair.


The cold, dry air will sometimes cause breakage and split ends. Try trimming your ends a little before installing your hair extensions or before your move-up. Trimming your natural hair will make it easier to blend into your extensions. If you have a fall hair care favorite, please drop us a comment!

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