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Summer Hair Care Tips For Hair Extensions


Summer Hair Care Tips For Hair Extensions

The sun and fun of summer can be extremely hard on hair extensions. Swimming in chlorine and salt water can fade colors, dry out and tangle hair. We have compiled a list of hair extension care tips to help keep them looking healthy and beautiful all summer long.

1. Use Dry Shampoo

Wash hair only when necessary and use a dry shampoo on the roots in-between shampoos to keep it fresh. Shampooing every day strips the oils from extension hair. Extension hair does not have the natural oils from the scalp to keep it moisturized. 

2. Use Deep Conditioner 1x/Week

Hair extension hair generally take on much more heat damage during Summer months, experiencing dryness from summer swimming and etc., so it's important to give that extra spa-time to your hair by applying an at-home deep conditioning treatment. Staying dedicated to using a restorative treatment weekly or bi-weekly will add in that extra moisture that you're lacking and prevent further breakage, while leaving you with lush, shiny hair extensions. 

3. Rinse Your Hair Before Swimming in Pools/Ocean

To avoid extra dryness, damage, and even discoloration to your hair, RINSE BEFORE YOU SWIM! Take the time to prep your hair before taking a swim by rinsing your hair with water to reduce the absorption of chlorine and salt. Dry hair acts like a sponge, so taking a dip without the extra moisture will cause to you absorb an excess of the bad stuff that can damage your hair and extensions. Avoid soaking your hair too much when swimming, as it can loosen the integrity of the bonds.

4. Reduce Heat Styling

We are big believers not heat styling your hair everyday. You can still give your hair extensions a style with these amazing products on those days you skip the hot tools: VIRTUE Unfrizz Cream & VIRTUE Texturizing Spray. 

5. Wear Braids or a Bun when Doing Activities

One of the biggest ways to avoid damage to your extensions and hair is to keep it properly brushed and tangle free. When swimming and cruising around in your drop top with the wind blowing in your hair extensions, be sure to braid your hair or keep it in a low bun to avoid a mess of tangles that will pull at the bonds when brushed and possibly reduce the life span of the extensions. To help create a sleek look for your braids and bun, shop our She's Happy Hair Sleek Edges, a top selling product in our hair care collection.😉

Read "Make Your Hair Extension Bundles Last Longer" for more care for your hair extensions. 

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