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Best Hair Extensions For Your Beach Vacation


Best Hair Extensions For Your Beach Vacation

It’s almost Memorial Day Weekend and summer is officially right around the corner. And during the summer, beach vacations and beach weekends are at the top of everyone’s list. To help you prepare your hair for beach activities, we’ve rounded up the 3 beach-ready hair extension textures for your next vacation.

Brazilian Deep Wave

She’s Happy Hair Brazilian Deep Wave is the perfect texture for those who want to get their hair wet! The key to maintaining this hair is to use a daily leave in conditioner and if you want even more defined curls then also apply a curl defining cream. Whether you decide to rock it wet or dry, your curls will be popping and you’ll be ready to slay your vacation!

Indian Wavy

Indian Wavy is ideal for those who want a little more styling versatility.  If you like a slight wave but also enjoy curling your hair every now and then, then Indian Wavy will be the perfect fit for you. This is one of the most subtle curl patterns available,  which creates a soft beach wave look for that romantic night on the town.

Malaysian Curly

This curl pattern gives you that “island” feel with easy, breezy curls throughout the hair.  Similar to Brazilian Deep Wave, you will want to spray your hair with water in the morning and apply a leave-in to lock in that moisture. Then you’re ready to let it air dry and lay pool side at the beach!

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