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10 Celebrity-Inspired Valentine's Day Hair Ideas for a Perfect Date Night


10 Celebrity-Inspired Valentine's Day Hair Ideas for a Perfect Date Night

This Valentine's Day, embrace your one true match, a hairstyle that compliments you. But don't settle for a basic messy bun or waves, let Rihanna, Zendaya, Ciara and Megan Thee Stallion inspire a more intricate date night look. Below, find 10 celebs with sexy, sultry and romantic hairstyles you'll swoon over.

 Intricate Top Knot


For a more creative topknot hairdo, loop hair in and out after each layer before securing it at the top crown of your head just like Yara Shahidi. 

Double Ponytails 

She's Happy Hair

Flaunt this double ponytail hairstyle, and swivel those baby hairs in an eye-catching pattern for an added pop! Use She's Happy Hair sleek edges to lay down those baby hairs like Houston-based musical artist Lebra Jolie. 

90's Finger Waves

Michael Kovas

If you're looking for some retro inspo, try an S-wave curl. Style it like Jodie Turner-Smith and use gel for something sleek and slicked-back.

Curly Low Pigtails


Wanting a super chic, natural hairstyle like Yara Shahidi? She rocks two low pigtails with her natural curls and styled edges for an added flair. It's the perfect look for your Valentine's Day date night. 

Sultry Glam


We're swooning and drooling over Megan Thee Stallion's sultry glam hairstyle. All you have to do is wear your hair in long luscious loose curls with a side part for a romantic Valentine's Day look. For added volume, try She's Happy Hair Brazilian Loose Wave hair extensions. 

90's Baby

Us Weekly

Wear a high and sleek ponytail like Hailey Bieber. For a 90s baby vibe, pop on a scrunchie to reflect that era that we all just love. 

Regal Box Braids


Box Braids are more than just a protective style, it exudes versatility and can be styled many ways for the perfect date night. It's also the perfect hairstyle for whatever V-day activity you have planned.

Wild Waves


Make a statement and wear your hair wild and free like reality star Khloe Kardashian. This seductive hairstyle can be accomplished with your natural hair or She's Happy Hair Peruvian Loose Wave hair extensions. 

Pink Highlights


What better way to show your appreciation for Valentine's Day than with pink highlights? The Super Bass singer Nicki Minaj is rocking a stunning head of bubblegum pink highlights. 

Sleek and Straight

Us Weekly

Rock bone straight hair like Cardi B. Be sure to lock in the style with a humidity-fighting oil like She's Happy Hair Moroccan Oil

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