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Raw Indian Hair vs. Virgin Indian Hair: What’s the Difference?


Raw Indian Hair vs. Virgin Indian Hair: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to hair extensions, the choices can be overwhelming. Two of the top-tier options you'll encounter are raw Indian hair extensions and virgin Indian hair extensions. Let’s break down the differences and see why Raw Indian Hair extensions might just be your next hair obsession!

What Are Raw Indian Hair Extensions?

Raw Indian Hair extensions are exactly what they sound like: hair that's sourced directly from donors in India without any chemical processing or alterations. This means the hair is in its most natural state, offering unmatched authenticity and quality.

Advantages of Raw Indian Hair Extensions

Quality & Durability

Raw Indian Hair is known for its superior quality and durability. Because it hasn’t been chemically treated, the hair cuticles remain intact and aligned, reducing tangling and increasing lifespan. This makes raw Indian hair extensions a long-lasting investment in your beauty routine.

Styling Flexibility

One of the biggest perks of Raw Indian Hair is its styling flexibility. You can curl, straighten, and dye these extensions just like your natural hair. Whether you're aiming for beachy waves, sleek straight locks, or vibrant colors, raw Indian hair can handle it all.


No two bundles of Raw Indian Hair are the same, giving you a unique look every time. This hair retains its natural texture, which means every extension has its own distinct wave pattern or curl, offering a personalized touch to your hairstyle.

Ethically Sourced

Our Raw Indian Hair extensions are ethically sourced directly from temples in India, where donors voluntarily offer their hair as part of religious rituals. This ensures you’re getting authentic, high-quality hair extensions while supporting ethical practices.

What About Virgin Indian Hair Extensions?

Virgin Indian hair extensions are also high-quality, sourced from donors in India, but they undergo minimal processing to create a more uniform texture and color. While still excellent, they don't offer the same level of authenticity and unique characteristics as raw Indian hair.

Visit Us In-Store or Shop Online!

Want to see the magic of Raw Indian Hair for yourself? Visit one of our five She’s Happy Hair store locations to touch, feel, and see the hair in person. Our experts can help you choose the perfect extensions to match your style. If you prefer shopping from the comfort of your home, you can easily order online and have them delivered right to your door.

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