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Top Hair Trends Set to Break Out in 2023


Top Hair Trends Set to Break Out in 2023

If 2022 was all about the revival of '90s and early 2000’s inspired hair (flipped ends and braids), as well as edgy and experimental styles, accessories, and color we’ve never considered before… then what will be the biggest hair trends in 2023? Well, now we are going to see those same styles becoming edgier and also new cuts, styling tricks, formulas and hair accessories that can help you reinvent yourself. Here, we've gathered the hair trends that stylists say are sure to explode in 2023. 

The Bixie

The sweet spot between a bob and pixie: the Bixie. It's a little short on top, a little longer on the bottom —at the chin or just below the cheekbone. if you’re looking for a sassy cut, we encourage you to go for it, as it’s a little edgier than the traditional bob we all know and love.

Supermodel Blowout

Channel your inner Cindy Crawford with the ‘90’s supermodel blowout. To DIY this legendary and iconic look, we recommend blow-drying and curling hair in small sections and then spritzing with hairspray for long lasting hold. Next, brush hair out and encourage volume. If you lack wrist dexterity, you can always use hot rollers or a Smoothing Hot Brush as an alternative. When styling, make sure all products promotes hold and finish off with a shine spray like Aveda Brilliant Shine Spray.

Dramatically Long Hair

Thanks to hair extensions, hair can instantly get longer. To go for a more styled aesthetic, sport a classic blowout, romantic long curls or big voluminous waves. Get the look here

Hair Artistry

Hairstylists are getting really creative and turning hair into mesmerizing art creations in 2023. You will see unique top knots, ballet buns, and more ornate and architectural shapes. See the Lily James hair at the British Fashion Awards for inspo. And remember Solange's ethereal hairstyle in 2017? Yep... its coming back.

The Shaggy Mullet

Also called a shullet, a combination of a shag and mullet, this versatile hairstyle works well on all hair textures. It’s also a super great option for those with thinner hair as it adds body and movement. And if you’re natural, the wash and go styling method is the way to go as it craves texture. In other words, the messier, the better here.

Sculpted Braids

We predict more braided styles designed to look sculpturesque. Get inpo from celebrities like Gabrielle Union, who recently rocked a sculptural braid flower up-do at the Strange World premiere, or Yara Shahidi and Lupita Nyong’o, who frequently experiment with creayivevand unique braids on the red carpet. 

The Wet Look

High glossy and shiny wet-look hair is a trend that is set to be everywhere in 2023. Whether it be center-parted, with a deep side part, down or textured, it’s a great way to take a daytime look into the evening. It can also work on any hair type. 

The 90s Lob

The '90s are so very 2023 these days — and this look is a compromise between short and long hair.  We recommend a blunt cut right above the shoulders with full layers for extra movement or a cut about about the cleavage for drama as seen on Ciara. Both looks also works on most face shapes but it’s especially striking on thicker hair that can show off the swingy shape.

Photo credits: Pinterest

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