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Glue-In Weaves VS Sew-In Weaves


Glue-In Weaves VS Sew-In Weaves

For a longer-lasting hairstyle, a sew-in is the better choice. Sew-ins also offer more styling versatility than glue-in weaves. Depending on how a sew-in is installed, you can change your part and wear it many different ways. Now the biggest difference between glue-in and sew-in weaves is usually the cost. Since glue-in weave is a hairstyle that essentially last a short period of timethis hairstyle is significantly cheaper than getting a traditional sew-in weave.  

Now since we covered the common differences between the two, lets dive into how glue-in weaves and sew-in weaves are installed and the products used.  

Glue-in Weave 

This technique involves the application of hair glue onto the hair weft/track then onto the individual’s natural hair, or a protective hair cap. Individuals who take the DIY route typically use glue since it’s an fairly easy way to achieve the hairstyle they want. However, hair glue does come with drawbacks if you’re not cautious.  If you choose a glue-in weave, make sure you purchase a high-quality bonding adhesive made specifically for this purpose.

These bonding adhesives are typically inexpensive, so even a good quality product doesn’t cost a lot. And although the installation is pretty simple, some run into issues during the removal process.  Patience is critical when removing a glued-in weave. It’s also best to not rush, as you may damage your natural hair. Proper hair products for the removal process include a glue remover, so make sure you purchase enough so that you don’t run out.  Again, glued-in weave is a great choice for short-term wear, lasting no longer than one to two weeks. 

Sew-in Weave 

Although is a long-lasting method, sew-in weaves generally take more time to install. Individuals who chose to get a sew-in weave often seek a professional hairstylist that specializes in weaves. This method can get real pricey, so expect to pay hundreds of dollars. Now getting into the installation process. The natural hair is often braided in the direction of the hair style, and it is essentially the set foundation of the end result. The wefts are sewn onto the braids with a curved or straight blunt-ended needle and thread. There are different color thread available to compliment the hair color in which you are installing. Sew-in weave usually last two to three months with proper care and maintenance. Shop She's Happy Hair hair care for proper maintenance as well. 

Both weave options have different and unique advantages, so think about your time frame, lifestyle and your budget to make the right decision.  For hair texture options, shop the She's Happy Hair Collection.

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