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Five Hair Extensions Myths Debunked


Five Hair Extensions Myths Debunked

We’re going to debunk the top five most common hair extension myths. This information will be very helpful for you or anyone that is considering investing in hair extensions. This information could also be helpful to women that have previously had a bad experience with hair extensions. 

As we countdown the following list, hopefully, we will clear the air for you and allow you to consider experiencing hair extensions without any regrets. 

1. Hair Extensions Damage Your Natural Hair 

ne of the biggest myths is that hair extensions causing thinning issues and other damage. However, this couldn’t be far from the truth. With proper installation and good maintenance, potential hair damage should not be a problem. If you are still not sold, just try clip-in hair extensions that also adds instant volume, length and can be easily removed 
2. Hair Extensions Won’t Blend in With Your Hair 

Color match is not the only concern 
for new hair extension buyers. They are also concerned with choosing the right hair type/texture, but human hair extension can be easily colored and they are professionals to help you choose the best hair extensions texture to seamlessly blend with your natural hair – there is a hair extension type for everyone. At She’s Happy Hair we offer an array of hair extension textures: Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian, Peruvian and Kinky Natural.  

3. People Will Notice My Hair Extensions 

This is far from the truth. Unless you install hair extensions at the end of your tresses, people will not notice. A few tips: Never install hair extensions near the top of your head; for clip-ins try invisible tapes and wefts. 

4. Hair Extensions are Uncomfortable to Wear 

Can hair extensions get little heavy on your natural hair? Well, it’s fairly common that the added weight can cause a bit of a slight strain on your scalp, which may cause minor itching in the first couple of days. However, it’s not uncomfortable and unnoticeable moments later; and as your scalp gets use to it, the itchinwill subside. Suggestion: Get high-quality hair and you won’t have any major issues.  

5. Hair Extensions are Hard to Maintain  

This myth is the most common of them all. Most people think that hair extensions just shed, are easily tangled and eventually get knotty. But, if you handle them with great care, this is not true; and this is the case with most hair extensions. A few simple tips to permanently debunk this myth: Brushing with a paddle brush will eliminate any micro tangling or knotsweft sealer can prevent shedding; and occasional washing will get rid of the natural oils, which stem from your scalp.  

Hopefully, this article has cleared up any misconceptions you may have had about hair extensions. And let the fear disappear as we have debunked the most common myths. They are easy to maintain, blend perfectly, they are simply nondamaging and serve as  great protective styles. 

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