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The Best Hair Extensions for Short Hair


The Best Hair Extensions for Short Hair

It can be rather difficult to find the best hair extensions for short hair, so we decided to create this handy guide to aid you in your quest in finding the perfect fit. We will include various hair extension types, application methods, hair quality and its benefits. Let's get into it. 

Tape-in Hair Extensions for Short Hair

The first thing you should consider is the length of your natural hair. Regardless of the texture or style your natural hair is, as long as it’s more than around 3-4 inches in length, you’ll be able to apply the tape-in hair extensions. This is a great option if have fine short hair and want to instant length and volume. 

Quality & Benefits

Tape-in hair extensions have pre-taped wefts that are composed of adhesive; and just like other types of She's Happy Hair high-quality hair extensions, they made from 100% human hair. This type of extension is also great for those who are looking for a more long-term option, as tape-in extensions can last 8-12 weeks, resulting in much less hassle for you each day. Tape-in extensions are also non-damaging and extremely versatile.

Moreover, tape-in hair extensions allows you to wash your hair regularly with water without causing any damage. Tape in hair extensions are extremely durable and it will keep intact even when damped or wet. You can also blow-dry them regularly without worrying that the bonds will melt because they can endure and combat high temperatures.

Heat-Free Application

Several human hair extension methods require heated appliances to bond extensions to natural hair. Tape-ins are the opposite. They are installed by sandwiching together two tapes, with a small section of natural hair in-between. This is then secured with a specially designed tool; no heat needed.

Clip-in Hair Extensions For Short Hair

If you’re looking to add that bit of extra volume and your hair is already at least medium thickness, clip-in extensions may be the perfect choice for you. 

Quality & Benefits

Clip-in hair extensions are extremely easy to use and are quick to clip in and out, making them the perfect choice for those who feel they want to wear extensions but would also like the flexibility of being able to remove them on demand. There are two types of hair extensions—synthetic clip-ins and those made from human hair. Although synthetic clip-ins are cheaper, they have limitations. They can’t withstand heat styling and tend to look less realistic than human hair options. If you do opt for a human hair clip-in, look for 100% virgin human hair, which means that the cuticle is intact and runs in the same direction for a natural, cascading effect.

Quick Application

The application process is quite simple. Yo can cornrow your hair with leave out, or leave all of your natural hair out and place the clips in between sections of hair and blend it together using your favorite hot tool. 

Traditional Hair Extension Bundles For Short Hair

Traditional hair extensions bundles instantly adds length and volume/fullness to natural short hair, allowing individuals to enhance their appearance for a long or short period of time. On top of that, hair extensions enable one to adopt a different hair texture of their own (wavy, curly, straight), and add color without the damage of chemicals. Overall, this is a great option if you're searching for a protective style and want to grow out your natural hair. 

Quality & Benefits

She's Happy Hair bundles are highly luxurious, extremely soft and has a lot of body and natural gloss. She’s Happy Hair, has an array of hair extension textures that are the perfect match for your short tresses: curly, wavy and straight. The key benefits of She's Happy Hair extensions is that they are dye friendly, has zero shedding and do not tangle. customers can choose from 12” to 40” inches for desired length and volume.

Application Options

Glue-in Quick Weave: This technique involves the application of hair glue onto the hair weft/track then onto the individual’s natural hair, or a protective hair cap. Individuals who take the DIY route typically use glue since it’s an fairly easy way to achieve the hairstyle they want. However, hair glue does come with drawbacks if you’re not cautious.  If you choose a glue-in quick weave, make sure you purchase a high-quality bonding adhesive made specifically for this purpose. And although the installation is pretty simple, some run into issues during the removal process.

Patience is critical when removing a glued-in weave. It’s also best to not rush, as you may damage your natural hair. Proper hair products for the removal process include a glue remover, so make sure you purchase enough so that you don’t run out.  Again, glued-in quick weave is a great choice for short-term wear, lasting no longer than one to two weeks. 

Sew-in Weave: Although is a long-lasting method, sew-in weaves generally take more time to install. Individuals who chose to get a sew-in weave often seek a professional hairstylist that specializes in weaves. This method can get real pricey, so expect to pay hundreds of dollars. Now getting into the installation process. The natural short hair is often braided in the direction of the hair style, and it is essentially the set foundation of the end result. The wefts are sewn onto the braids with a curved or straight blunt-ended needle and thread. There are different color thread available to compliment the hair color in which you are installing. Sew-in weave usually last two to three months with proper care and maintenance. Shop She's Happy Hair hair care for proper maintenance as well. 

Both weave options have different and unique advantages, so think about your time frame, lifestyle and your budget to make the right decision. For hair texture options, shop the She's Happy Hair Collection.

In a nutshell... how to choose the right hair extensions for short are:

  1. Choose 100% virgin hair extensions
  2. Choose tape-in extensions, clip-in extensions, or traditional bundles
  3. Choose based on the appropriate and safest application method for your natural hair

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