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5 Easy Changes That Will Transform Your Look in 2020

5 Easy Changes That Will Transform Your Look in 2020

As we all know, the New Year brings the feeling of great reflection and change. Maybe it’s the “fresh start” enthusiasm, or maybe a personal tradition, but there is always a big appetite for some type of significant change at the inception of the New Year, including hair changes. After all, new look, new you… right?! Well we understand the fascination and desire for change. So much that we listed five different ways you can instantly switch up your look.

Long Hair

We all have undergone a big chop as an attempt to switch up our hair style. But how about instantly growing your hair by using She’s Happy Hair virgin hair extension collections. This is by far a glamorous change, as it gives you an extra oomph, instant volume, length and thickness. And if you have short hair, this is definitely a great and noticeable change to try. An added plus that hair extensions bring, a multitude of new hairstyles that you’ve been dreaming to try: long beach waves, long romantic curls or a super long ponytail.

Switch Part

Most of us part our hair in the same place, whether it’s out of habit or comfortability. But a simple switch like changing your hair part can give you a quick hairstyle makeover. This change is also good for your hair locks as changing your part, your roots are upright and breathing.

Natural Hair

Take a short break from hair extensions and embrace your natural hair texture. Unless your hair air dries frizz-free with a defined curl or perfect wave, one may be skeptical to go this route. However, the key to making this switch is by first identifying your hair type and establishing an air dry, heat free routine that works for you and is conducive to your lifestyle, so you can rock the hair you were born with. And if you have issues with hair frizz, She’s Happy hair Moroccan Argan Oil is great hair oils to moisturize and stimulate your natural tresses. Simply apply small amounts of argan oil to damp hair from the shaft to the ends for hair restoration.

To help treat your natural coils, check out our five-star line of natural hair care products.

New Hue

Consider a new, bold hair color change in 2020. Most people are hesitant to permanently color their hair, so we recommend using She’s Happy Hair dye-friendly 613 blonde hair extensions. You can permanently or temporary dye this hair. It’s also great for water color method, which can be seen here.

Faux Bangs

Faux bangs with a messy bun is an easy way to achieve a new look. It’s also a super quick, cute and fun hairstyle.  Plus, it’s the best solution for those who want bangs but don’t want commit to them long term. And you don’t need to be a professional hair stylist to accomplish this look. To achieve this look, shop She’s Happy Hair straight hair extensions.