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How To Get A Blunt and Sleek High Ponytail

How To Get A Blunt and Sleek High Ponytail

From Beyoncé's braided ponytail to Ariana Grande's signature updo, it's clear that ponytails has been having their moment. Though the style has been in high demand for the last few years, basic ponytails our out. This easy, sleek and blunt ponytail will take your hair look to the next level!

To achieve this look, you will need:

Starting with clean hair, pull hair up to desired height. Using the She's Happy Hair Sleek Edges and a strong brush, brush your hair up, laying down all of your hair to a secure updo. Next, use the hair scrunchie to tie off the hair. Braid hair down into a straight ponytail, so you can conceal your natural hair underneath the hair extensions.

To add the hair extensions, fold hair extensions in half and wrap around braid in an upward motion. If you're using the bun method, it's important to wrap the hair extensions as close to the base of your scrunchie as possible. Wrap the hair extensions tightly, so it does not unravel, but loose enough to avoid tension to your hair. 

After wrapping is complete, use bobby pins to secure your ponytail. Lastly, bluntly cut your ponytail to desired length and lock in the hair style with hair spray.

Get the Hair Look: She's Happy Hair 613 Blonde Straight Hair; 16 inches.